Freshly built jerkbait. Length – 17 cm, weight – 110 gr.


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Very nice.

I love how crisp your stencil work came out, and how you were able to soften the side bars without losing the scale details.

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Hi Mark.Thanks for evaluation. First of all, the jerkbait was covered by white colour.Next step, the mesh was attached very very tightly for the aim to keep whitecolour unpainted during the following airbrushing. Hence, after airbrushing youhave scales and colour between scales (in my case, this colour is white) ingood contrast. Later on, the stencil was used to airbrush side bars. And afterthis to soften side bars, I used very transparent airbrush paint the samecolour as side bars’ colour, Then you airbrushing, there is no immediate colouron the surface, but after while the colour comes out. And due to transparencyof colour, you can keep colour between scales visible. I hope this answeredyour question... Best, Ed

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