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homemade deep divers 7

mark poulson
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A repaint of a deep diver I just made.

I found that, once I'd added paint and three coats of urethane, 1 gram of additional weight, this bait would only float if I switched to #3 split rings and #4 trebles.

So I stripped it down, removed 2 grams of ballast weight from behind the hook hanger, added some BBs as a rattle, and repainted it.

I used Createx trans. yellow over pearl white for the whole bait, black with tulle netting scales on the back, and trans red on the chin.

Finished weight, with #4 split rings. #1 treble on the belly, and #2 on the tail, is 30 grams, which is a full gram lighter than the original, even with the rattles.

It floats head down at a 30 degree angle, with the tail up, like a Rapala DT16.

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It's PVC. I'm not sure yet how deep it dives, but it does dive, and swims without rolling.

I just wanted to see if a deep diver with a square bill and flat sides would work.

So far it does.

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