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Didn't take much thumbnail mojo to do that to DN s81. (See chip on nose) 2 coats, 24+ hour cure and 600 grit between coats. I'm a little sick.

    You don't really need to sand between coats of DN. I only use one coat and it seems to penetrate through the paint layers and is damn near impossible to sand off after cured.

    Have you tried calling or emailing Dick and explaining the problem your having? Would probably go a lot farther on getting the issue resolved.
    Last time I tried emailing him I was overlooked for 3-4 days. He seems to have an "Aw, heck" attitude towards customer service and quaility or maybe just needs to hire some more help. I thought it might have been the future even though I dried it well before clearing but I have another lure shot with straight paint that is a little softt, too. But it's moot. I decided to switch clears not long after the chip.I''m not trying to get the issue resolved. Thanks anyway. Just wanted to post my work, explain the defect, and vent. I did everytthing right with this clear , and it's important we share info about defects because we pour so much work into our baits. I have 3 more cranks that will have to be scrapped.:pissed:
    Jun 03 2011 10:17 AM
    I haven't tried that clear coat yet, but your bait still looks good. I have only used e-tex and I like it. I wish I could find a spray on super hard clear coat. That would save a lot of time, but I just turn on the I-pod and listen to some Frank Marino, Via, Satch or Zappa and the hours fly by.
    I pulled off the styrofoam I had wrapped around the jar to keep it from breaking, and found some black residue in the bottom of the jar. Without a doubt this would be molten washer debris from the sheet metal screws I used to tap the jar. There wasn't a whole lot, but it was easily visible and I'm hoping all this is only due to chemical contamination although I seem to remember the clear wasn't all that tough even when new. I'd advise anybody about to tap a can / jar to get chemical resistant washers.