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mark poulson
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This is a repost of a 2010 bait that caught a nice fish yesterday.

It is in my gallery already, but I couldn't access it.

I am so befuddled by the new gallery uploading stuff, and my inability to find my previous gallery photos, that this is the only way I could show it with the fish.

The bait is PVC, 14 grams, 3" long, rattle can white base coat and black back, Sally Hanson silver nail polish sides, NYC 101 nail polish glitter on the back and belly. Sc9000 urethane top coat, three dips.

I copied the Megabass popper's thru gills, and made them red with solvent based sharpies, and the cupped mouth, too.

.072 sst screw eye line tie and rear hook hanger, Spro swivel front hook hanger, #4 trebles.

The tail portion of this bait got pretty thin, so I was worried about the screw eye holding, but it took pliers to get the bait out of her mouth.

I originally made this lure, and one other, because I wanted a smaller popper that I could still throw with a baitcaster and heavier line, and this thing casts like a bullet.

I mostly airbrush paint with Createx-type paints, but this one was rattle cans, and reminded me of the old saying:

"It ain't the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean"

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