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Big Pancho
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Hello gang here are a couple up and coming baits that are being added to my arsenal. I will post up some finished pours once I figure out this new silicone that has been fighting with me. Let me know what you think. Till next time gang.<br /><br />Big Pancho

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As with all of your carvings, these are great. How you get such a smooth finish baffles me.

I think I saw your swimbaits on infisherman btw, while they were fishing for river stripers.

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dhockey thanks for the nice comment on my baits. I have been awaiting feedback on many of my baits slowly the feedback in a coming. Pretty soon I will get some time to go fishing.. It would be cool if folks on here would post up some fish kills on there homemade lure. Maybe we should start something here. i am still a rookie at this wonderful hobby of making baits. As time goes on I have been getting better at it and have got a good understanding how to make these things swim. It has cost me a grip of cash and time. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. Stay tuned in for a little special bait I just carved up, Thanks again on the comment. Have a great day.


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