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Beee-52 Bomber Spraypaint fun

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Here is a mystery blank...anyone know who makes it? I though it would be fun to paint a nice yellow striped crank for pike so i whipped this one off. So far no pike on it...lol

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It has a really distinct wide lazy wobble....i want to find some more. When i got this crank and 7 other different ones they were all painted gloss black and i am pretty sure they are blanks. Trying to find out from the guy i got 'em from where he got them.

When the finish gets chewed i will paint it again. :)

Ive been playing around with some others with a similar finish.(j-13, hj10) I also did a sweet saltwater rapala magnum today which looks sweet. Need to paint eyes on 5 baits i did today. That makes 9-10 i need etex on....better get on it!!

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Hey thanks alot rugby! Its funny that i looked through the bustinbassbaits and didnt notice it. Now i just have to find someone that has 10 or more of these for sale...........

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Still no pike on it....

I have however been pounding the bass on certain days. One day i got 12 bass between 15-19". The largemouth seem to love it! That same day I had one huge pike/muskie grab it but shook the hooks out on the first thrash. Cant wait to find more of these!! Frog pattern=hammertime i bet for bass!

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