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Trying To Foil

Trying To Foil

The top bait is my first foil job , I had some wrinkles , I rolled them out and they look like scars , lol , I think they add to the bait, The second bait is a LC , so far no wrinkles , just one side done so far. Any tips , please chime in. One last thing , watch out , Rookie , lol

    I haven't done a lot of foil jobs Mike, but one thing that helps me is to start applying the foil in the middle of the bait and working outwards from there. It also helps me to try and keep the edge of the foil folded back away from the bait just a little and work slowly. I'm using the Brite-Bak foil with the adhesive backing and it seems to be a little thicker than some other foils so applying other types of foil may be different. I also use a variety of different tools to smooth the foil on. Some of them are the back end of a Sharpie marker, the smooth end of a hobby knife, wooden tongue depressors, (tongue depressors work great in hard to get to nooks and crannies) smooth bodied, plastic ink pens, etc. Using the thicker Brite-Bak foil allows me to put quite a bit of pressure on the foil as I'm applying it too. Rookie does some awesome foil jobs so maybe he will chime in. Hope this helps.

    good luck,

    BTW.........nice looking baits.
    Jun 21 2011 06:58 PM
    Hey Ben , Thanks For The Info , as well , Matt has always helped me out and he does some Great Work.

    hey mike thank for the comment ive never foiled they look good to me dminkler65.