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Perch Slash Shad

Perch Slash Shad

Needed a few for my son up in Northern Wisconsin. Smallies, pike, musky and walleye will eat!!!!<br /><br />Jim

    looking good Jim. Your boy is going to kill em with those!! Very nice looking colors you got there my friend.

    mark poulson
    Jul 05 2011 10:13 PM
    Those look great. Good enough to eat!
    What do you use to make your stripes and dots?

    Stripes are just black paint from Lureworks. Dots on these baits are large flake but on others, paint from Lureworks or LC.

    Son has run out of these in quick order. They worked as good or better than planned!!

    mark poulson
    Jul 10 2011 09:02 PM
    Thanks Jim.
    Too bad about your son needing more baits. Those are some thoughtless fish where he fishes! :lol:
    are you interested in selling any of those?