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Real white perch skin over a mahogany body. 6&quot; long top water bait. Sits low in the water.<br />John

    real fish skin, that is the coolest thing I've ever heard of for a lure!
    cool to see that you are having such nice results on using fish skin, very inspirational stuff, I've done few of those too when i was younger, i think roach comes out the best of all the fish I've used, perch and rainbow trout are tricky since there colors seem to fade when you dry them. maybe there is a trick for that too, if there is I've yet to discover it. anyway using the real fish heads parts is really neat I'm definitely gonna try that some time too
    Nice!!! For me it would be to much work with "fishy stuff" :lol:
    Big Bass Man
    Jul 30 2011 09:49 AM
    Very nice results Tigger!! :worship:

    What kind of clear do you use with the real skin? I have been wanting to try that, but not sure how the epoxy would work as a clear with real skin.