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Wow, that looks like something from a nuclear power plant cooling pond!

If you put some glow in the dark eyes on it, the bass will jump into your boat to escape from it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is that a single cavity mold? It looks like a whole lot of great detail work.

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I was thinking if it was injected in the right shade of blue, and fished weightless when the dragon flies are mating it would be interesting.

I made it as a two cavity injection mold.

I would have made it without the eyeball flat, but I made this one for a buddy, and he wanted it that way. I never have good luck dipping to hold eyes on, but ...

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The red is a mix of red shad (red with white pearl powder) and black that has been over cooked a couple too many times. I just didn't want to waste any good fresh plastic testing the mold. LOL. I'm down to a quart of fresh plastic and I am waiting for my next order to come in.

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A transparent chartruese should be dynamite as a dragonfly imitation.

Maybe with a black flake.

I played around years ago with splitting some floating worms and adding them, X fashion, on the back of a full floating worm, but the whole thing was too hard to cast, so it got deep sixed.

Your bait looks like a perfect alternative, if you can get it to float with a hook in it.

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