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3d Sunrise Shad With Fiber Optic Eyes

Big Bass Man
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A Big Thanks To Creek Monster For The Fiber Optic Tutorial !!

This was my first try at painting some lures and adding Fiber Optic eyes. The fiber optics makes the eyes glow like crazy when the sun enters one end. Sorry for the poor pics, it was getting close to dark.


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That's a neat idea!

Where did you find fiber optic cable that big?

I bet it would be great on a topwater walker, and on a shallow running jerkbait. Maybe even in a soft plastic swimbait.

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Thanks guys!!

I like to try some things that I havent ever done, just too see if I can do them. I guess its the challenge of it that makes me want to try it. Its the GREAT GUYS of TU that post all of the AWESOME tutorials, I am still just a student trying to learn new things!!

Appreciate the kind words!


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