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Curly Tail Frog

Wow! I have to replace all my cutters with that type. Even with a full depth full width pass along one side of the hook slot it didn't break or lose position. Anyway, one half done. The other half is cutting. (Same cutter) I'll probably shoot some baits with it tonight. I'm anxious to see if it will laminate.


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Nice work!

Sharp tools are the key, aren't they?

Sharp tools make a difference, but coolant keeps them sharp and certain types of coated tools seem to stay sharp even better.

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Just shot it. It swims decent. I think it swims slower than a Ribbit ™ or a Horny Toad ™. I'll post a video when I can get the kid to shoot it for me. I'll try and post a side by side video if I can with some other buzz frog/s if I can get the wife to shoot it while the kid and I swim them.

Trying to push the slowest speed sometimes one leg will skate, but its already moving slower than other buzzfrogs will kick at that speed.

Probably won't post the video today though. Going fishing this PM. Taking out some marine I've never met. Gotta get my boat ready between trying to actually get some work done.

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. It laminates pretty well too.

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Well I fished it today. I had two blowups on it, but failed to connect. It likes a heavy texas rigged hook, but I did not like the way it swam texposed on a wide gap super line hook. I did like the way it swam on a 5/0 Daiichi Copperhead texas rigged.

Over all not to bad. I think I need to use a harder plastic. I split two or three of them without too much abuse. With a harder plastic it might not swim slower than its competitors, but I'll just have to try it and see.

I may also consider remaking it with a deeper belly, and a slightly thicker nose.

I did catch 7 fish on my ribbed flipping grub though. The guy I took out caught his first flip fish on one too.

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