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Messing with a candy green to see what that looks like.

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The shape looks just like a Boots Anderson Tn shad. He called this shape Top Secret. Going all the way back to the 60's. When he was selling his lures to local fisherman, this is the one fisherman kept coming back for. The shape was so good infact he sold it to the Doll lure company. The name of the lure was Top Secret.

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Thats very interesting info LIttleriver.....I know nothing about this lure....It was given to me with a bunch of old wore out cranks to practice painting on.....It had several layers of paint from previous repaints.....It might be some classic old lure style, I dunno...that'd be neat if if was....I'll fish with it just to see if it'll produce....Maybe I need to pull a mold off this before I loose it...lol

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