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Little shad bait

Little shad bait

Hello gang here is my newest little shad bait with a nice size boot tail. I gave this guys special attention on the details. He is full of scales. side fins, gill plates, 1/2 3d eyeball. and a very profound mouth. Let me know what you think. Got a good feeling he is going to get some attention by both fresh and saltwater critter. Till next time. Stay tuned in gang I got a few more baits cooking in some silicone. Till next time<br /><br /><br />Frank

    Send me those molds so I can get a closer look!!!! LOL!!!

    Very fine work again Frank. The east coast fish will like those smaller offerings!

    I sure could use some carving tips on my upcoming project.... It is not a swimbait though..

    I sure know some red fish that would like to chew on that size bait!!!!

    Jim shoot me an email so we can talk about your bait. I am no pro at this. But if you think my input will help out than I will be more than happy to share some tips. So what is it creature bait? Jim I was admiring your works of art on your web site man those colors on your new jerk bait are insane. You have inspired me to make my own smaller jerk slug bait. I will shoot up some picture real soon. Till next time

    Aug 19 2011 07:33 AM
    REALLY COOL - like it !!!:rolleyes:
    Nice job! I'd love to see the mold also.