Redesigning the Curly Buzz Frog

I wanted to try and do a few things with the redesign.

1. Get the frog to run topside up more often by increasing the lower mass.

2. Add some bulk so that when I shoot some with microspheres to float it it might actually float with a heavy hook.

3. Move mass forward so it will swim/float a little more nose up.

I'm not convinced this exactly the way I want to recut the belly of the bait, but it is close. I'll think about if for a while, and then decide if I want to cut it or tweak it some more. I had dreams last night about redesigning this bait.


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After thinking about this new design I have decided it won't work. It creates a huge mass of plastic at the front of the bait which will slide down and block hooksets when a fish is clamped down on the bait. I need to lower the center of gravity, but in order to still get good hook sets its going to have to be further back.

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When the Horney Toad first came out, I played around with different hooks to avoid the slide down problem.

I found a EWG hook with a big hitch hiker spring on the front was the ticket.

I don't think a thick head will be a problem, as long as the back of the body is thin enough to let the hook pop up for the hookset, instead of being blocked by plastic.

I'm not sure the center of gravity is that critical. A big hook with a big bite will put a lot of hook wire below the toad, and should keep it bottom side down.

I've tried floating toads, and they are too light to cast well.

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what about if you keep the bulk up front but ad a little "V" channel....this will keep all the advantages you wanted add "rutters" to keep in a straight line, and take a little bit of plastic away to allow it to wrap around the hook. it wouldnt even have to be a "V" shape either just a line and you could have it go just deep enough so that the nise would still be the same thickness as the orginial so it would tear as easy.

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