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Big Pancho
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Hello gang I took a little break the other day from pouring and grabbed the clay and formed this little rat dude. I think he came out cool looking. I got a few ideas what I am going to do with him but for right now he is eating cheese sitting on the fire place mantle. Till next time gang


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Eeeck!!! Hahaha

I really like your sculpting.

Do you use Scuply clay? I do, and it gets too soft to handle after a while.

I'm thinking of keeping an icewater bath next to my bench, to stiffen the clay up, but I'm worried about trapping water in the clay, and then having it explode or crack when I bake it.

Any suggestions?

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Mark here's a suggestion. I would not dunk the clay in the water but here is what I would do when the clay starts getting to soft. Stick it into the freezer for 5 to ten minutes and you will be golden again. What I normally do is start a second carving and alternate the baits in and out of the freezer. I know you can get fixed on the same carving but if you start that second one the 5 and 10 minutes goes by real fast. Another thing I would do while waiting for the cool down time is maybe heat up some plastic and pour a dozen baits or so. Just some ideas.


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That would mean sitting at the Dining Room table to work, instead of out in the garage. Too smart!!!

I was thinking of taking an ice pack out to the garage, but sitting comfortably at the Dining Room table makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for the brilliant idea!


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