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Third attempt at painting

Third attempt at painting

I was pretty happy with this one til I got on the hardbait galleries to have a look around, you guys put me to shame lol. It came out pretty good but I could get the paint to transition the way I wanted it to? Any tips on transitions/fades?

    Good job for your first baits. Getting familiar with transparent paints will help you on your transitions and fades. In places you want the paint darker just spray an extra coat or two or three. Whatever it takes to get it the way you want it. Where the transparent paints really help is when your fading into another color. The transparent paints will still let you see the color under it as it gradually gets darker in the areas where you've applied more coats.

    Just keep painting. The more you paint the easier it will become.

    Big Bass Man
    Sep 12 2011 05:46 PM
    Nice work for just starting up on your painted baits. Just as Ben stated, Paint all you can and you will get control over your airbrush in no time!! Good luck with your painting and be sure to have fun with it!!