One more for Falcon

This photo over foil threadfin shad is carved from Paulownia with a weight of 41.7 grams or 1.47 ounces with hooks and split rings attached. The ballast is split into three locations with the majority of the weight right behind the front hook hanger. The rest of the ballast is placed in front of the hook hanger and in the tail. It sets slightly tail down and is a slow sinker that has a nice walking action with a good glide. Createx and Auto Air paints with auto clear top coat.

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Awesome work Bud, Your blending looks great on your photofinish baits!! Hopefully your friend will catch a Lake Falcon TOAD on one you painted for him.


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Thanks guys. That's probably the last photo bait for a while. Falcon is fairly clear and wanted to see if the photo realism is something that would pay off. And who could resist building some baits that will be used in a place where so many huge bass live? Five fish stringers of 40 lbs. are fairly common down there. Hopefully the baits will come back with lots of battle scars.


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