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6" Fish skin glider

6" Fish skin glider

Real perch skin and gill plates applied over a mahogany wood body

    fantastic stuff, i've actually stocked on some perch skins too last weeks fishing session and will attempt to make one of my own too. time will tell if it will be a total disaster or success.
    Thats top shelf...looks like you really took a lot of time on this. Did you use the skin just for the gills or along the entire side.

    JK, I did use the skin first and then coated it with epoxy. I did 2 bandsaw cuts after it dried to scoop out the face area and then I added the cheek and gill plates and then 4 more coats of epoxy to get back to smooth. Did some highlite face details and then 2 more coats. What was I thinking! LOL

    Nice job! I know that took some serious time.
    Dec 18 2011 06:11 AM
    i'll skin a white sucker .....will you put it on a lure.. Awsome work