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Not much to see here. Move along folks. Just a revamped version of my Square Back jerkbait. As long as I was at it I figured I'ld see what it would look like with a paddle tail.


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Allen. tried to PM you, but no love.

There are lots of paddle tail swimbait molds out there. I think Bass Tackle has some pretty cool ones you might want to take a look at with a mandrel that drops in make a hollow belly bait.

I make my own molds mostly, and do some custom work for a few people, but I charge a LOT more for a custom mold than most of the production molds out there. Like I said. Take a look at the molds offered by Bass Tackle. Kevin has some nice ones.

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Finally getting around to taking my first attempt at it. That is a 6 by 12 plate intended to produce an 18 cavity version of the Split Tail Square Back Minnow. If all goes well I may try to cut the paddle tail version by the end of the holiday. If not...

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