First crankibait attempt

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My first attempt at making a crankbait. I was trying to imitate a B1. I just made this one out of scrap pine I had lying around until I get the hang of it, then I will probably buy some balsa. Paint job is pretty basic. I just hope I can get as good as some of you guys on here!

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Nice looking crank for your first try!!

I am with Gene on saving it. I made my very first bait for my daughter. I told her to hang on to it and pass it on to her kids one day. Should make a great memory for her down the road!!


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Thanks for the encouragement fellas! This is an addicting hobby. I have to say, I almost enjoy making lures as much as fishing them. Fishing is my passion, but this is giving it a run for it's money. Maybe its a getting older thing...I don't know.

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Sweet little crank. The smaller baits might be easier to get to swim right, but they're harder to build (for me at least) and you've done a really good job.


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