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Made from my home made vacuum former.

    Nice work on your stencils. I noticed you were able to keep some very nice small details in your stencils. Great job.
    Big Bass Man
    Sep 30 2011 05:24 PM
    Those look great Coley, Thanks for sharing!!

    very nice! might have to through my hand into making some
    Nice job on the former and stencil. Where did you get your plastic from? And what type is it?
    The plastic came from our TU get together in Clinton MO.
    I think its styerne, not sure.
    do you know where I might be able to purchase some from or who? Thanks
    Great looking stencil! Thats where I learned and from RayburnGuy
    I don't know where to get it. Anyone have a source for some?
    I'm not understanding this, what is this stencil used for? It's probably a really stupid question with an obvious answer so sorry.