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Well got it cleared with automotive clear. I will have to say, i will never use etex or 2ton again for a top coat. This stuff looks great and is so quick. Just follow all safety precautions and you wont be dipping and turning ect. anymore lol.

    I really like your swimbaits. Are you casting them or is that carved? Either way it's a helluva job.
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    Big Bass Man
    Sep 30 2011 10:02 PM
    Nice looking bluegill swimbait!! The automotive clear works great on swimbaits and all you have to do is hang it up.

    Great job....all it needs is a black iron skillet and some grease
    Thanks. The original is carved then molded and cast.
    Two ton has its place and so does the auto clear.......for a bass lure like this one the auto clear makes sense but when building a wood lure for musky or pike it makes sense to use epoxy.

    Very nice lure!
    I agree RiverMan. Two ton is good for "glueing" as well.
    Nice job, I'm loving the auto clear as well. I love the way it stays put, is perfectly clear and is faster. Its plenty hard too but I think you need multi coats to get the durability going. I'll never go back either. I enjoy epoxy now for what its made for-glue.