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Joker Shad

Joker Shad

Carved this bait out of Basswood, Took me about five hours to get the look I was after.

    That thang is just mean. I love it
    Big Bass Man
    Oct 02 2011 09:07 PM
    Thanks Hillbilly!!

    It was yours and Daves help with the RTV that led me to making its twins!! Lol
    You guys have been an awesome help to me along the way. I am having a great time learning all of the new things.

    Thanks Again Friend,

    Very unusual, nice job.
    Big Bass Man
    Oct 03 2011 06:17 AM
    Thanks Coley!!

    Your help with the resin and microballoons sure helped out on these. It takes a while to soak it all in at once. I learn more and more by spending time out in the shop. Its ADDICTIVE!! Lol