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Big Bass Man
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I made some rtv molds for the two baits. I will have to say thanks to my TU friends for helping me out with the rtv and the resin help. Wouldn't have known where to start, if it wasn't for this great site and the great members on here!! Added micro balloons to the resin baits to get the bouantcy, I was after. My first sank like a rock, but after adding microballoons, I got them to swim great. I have all of them painted but didnt want to fill the whole first gallery page with my baits. I will post them later.

Thanks Again Guys!!


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Thanks Gene!!

That Murphy's carving knife you told me about is AWESOME!! It took me about five hours to carve each bait. I just took my time and added detail as I went along. I have to give you and the other TU guys the credit, I am still a student trying to learn new things. No better place to hang out than TU for learning new things about baits!!


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