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bone paint jobs

mark poulson
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This is my version of bone. Createx white, a drop of opaque yellow, a drop of metalic gold, and a pinch of transparent tan.

I wanted a warm white, and this is what I came up with. In real life, it looks like the Heddon Spook bone color.

I took one picture with a piece of white pape as a background, to show how the bone differed from pure white, but the whole thing has a like of a pink cast. The second picture has a deep blue sweatshirt as a background, so the baits stand out better.

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A pinch of this.........a drop of that.........a tad of the other. I thought we were making baits. Not cooking a cake. lol J/K That looks great Mark.

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I just wanted a yellowish warm white, and the guys on TU pointed me in the right direction.

I'd painted some bone swimbaits before, but they all looked either yellow or grey, and cold, with no life.

Adding the tan and the gold metalic seemed to warm them up.

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