Pissed off bass

North Ga Hillbilly
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~7", first complicated carving, paint was a stumbling block, but relatively happy for a first go

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Yea, it has a tungsten 3/16 weight up front and a 1/8 oz lead in the tail, makes it sit with about 1/4 above water. Alot of tail wag and a wiggle for the whole bait. Kind of afraid with it being so wide the wake will scare off some, it looks like a beaver swimming 50' out.

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It looks great!

What did you carve it out of, and how much does it weigh?

Big fish eat all kinds of stuff, so I wouldn't worry about scaring them away. They are curious about anything that "invades" their territory.

If you get followers who won't commit, have a weighless Senko or fluke ready to throw back on them, just like when you fish a frog.

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