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You've been busy!!Very nice.How do you get the silver belly?

Mark the top bait is just clear with heavy silver flake. and the others silver color bellies are pearl white, Ya I have been a bit busy carving clay lately. These are just a few that just got completed. Stay tuned in I got this pretty cool looking slug that is almost done. I have been trying to cut up his body a bit to give him a snake like swimming action. I am on my second proto type mold now so I will shoot up the finished bait once he is completed. Cash flow has been a bit tight lately so I have to pace myself.

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Third bait from the top. Seems I recall somebody showed me one just like that recently and said it was 3 color injection. Nice affect.

Bob thanks for the nice compliment on the baits. All of these baits are top pours. I have not yet tried to inject any of my baits. One of these days I will do it right and have all the right equipment to pour these up a bit faster. It would be cool to have some of my carvings machined into some aluminum molds but I am a little low on cash flow so I have to stick to the silicone for right now. Silicone cost alone is killing me but its this love for this hobby that keeps me going. I will proceed as long as I still afford this expensive hobby. Stay tuned in for up and coming baits.

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