Tenn Tom Waterway Shad (Photo Finished)

Big Bass Man
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I painted this swimbait for a friend at work, He caught and froze the shad. I was going to try to do the real skin finish, but I think it would have worked better if the shad had not been frozen. All of the scales started to come off as I skinned the shad.

I snapped a picture of the shad, before I skinned it. This is a bait I painted using the picture of the shad!!

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I'm not understanding. Is that a photo finish?

Whatever you did, it looks great!

Thanks Mark!! It is photo finished with the shad that my friend brought to me frozen. It had been frozen for about a month before I thawed it out. It was pretty discolored, but I thought I would snap a picture or two, before I tried to skin it. Trying to skin the shad didn't go well!! Lol

Lookin good Patrick! Did you do the photo over foil yet? Ben (RAYBURN) was telling me about that other night on the phone

Thanks Matt!! On this one I used real thin foil underneath the pic. Its like gift wrapping foil. Sort of like Christmas wrapping paper. I started using it on my smooth surface finishes. On the Bluegill, I used regular kitchen foil, so I could add the small scales, created with a ratchet handle.

I like the curves on the bait Patrick. Very nice! Really like the fat little belly and tight joint..

Thanks Littleriver!! Its little fat belly sort of looks like mine!! Lol Appreciate the kind words..

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