Dreamcatcher Rig

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Rumor has it some guy is using cooking utensils to make this new hot rig. Hummm..I wonder what the State of Colorado might come up with! All of this is inside top secret stuff im taking about and I might get a call for the utensil making inventor shortly for even bring this to anyone attention. All im saying is a certain Walmart in the Georgia area is currently on back order and a few Cake bakers and TICKED OFF ABOUT IT...So much Walmart is limiting the sale of such utensils to 2 per customer!!! I just hope I get one shortly..but until then I guess I made this one for myself.

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Matt that head looks sick!! I love it. So how exactly are you getting the wires together. I ordered a bunch of spinnerbait wire but so far im stumped. I love that freakin head. Man that is sharp!

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