New bait for my arsenal

Big Pancho
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Here is the cucaracha in a neutral color. I am looking forward in fishing this bait to see if I can entice a few fish to eat it. Till next time gang.


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Frank, Its been awhile for me but you are putting out some really cool stuff. Hope all is well with the wife brother...

Hello brother Basscandy. Thanks for the cool comment on the baits. I to had to slow down a bit. This hobby is very expensive. But its the love and passion I have for making new lures to hook a few fish. I got quite a few carving just begging to come to life that are just sitting right now. But in due time brother your going to see all kinds of neat things coming out of my lab. I also want to thank you for the well wishes for my wife. She is still battling with her illness. But our lord will provide brother!! We will fight this fight till the end. My focus is in my faith in our lord that he will work this miracle I keep asking him for. You take care and I am looking forward in seeing some of works of art.



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