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Couple painted Alabama Rigs made from pine. Both are exactly the same except bottom one was 1/8oz lead in it.

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how did you join the wires please? I cant figure it out. Im new at it and have everything to make one but cant figure the wire situation out.

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.039" piano wire....

How I made them....

Roughly 3/4" X 1/2" X 1/2" pine block.... (whatever size and wood you want)

Drilled a 3/16" hole about 3/8" deep in one side..(will be the back of the head)

Drilled a 1/16" hole through the rest of the bait level with the 3/16" hole.

Took a short wire and put two 90degree bends in it.... the second bend had to be small enough to fit into the 3/16" hole.

Took 5 wires with swivels and put a little hook in them.. (or two long wires bent in half and one more)

Hooked them to the short wire and pulled it as far into the bait as possible.

I choose to use some galvanized small gauge wire and wrap it around those 5 back wires and push it all the way into the body as well....this takes strain off of the epoxy and wood when you go to bend the wires out.

Epoxy everything in then form your hook eye on the front end of the short wire.

Seal, Paint, Topcoat.

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I haven't tried to make a rig yet, but I was wondering if the wires, pulling at an angle from the center of the wooden front body, would tear out the side of that body.

Have you thought about using a large rivet to reinforce the rear of the front body, where all the wires exit? Or just a small piece of aluminum or brass tubing.

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