LC Pointer 100 In Foiled Photofinished Threadfin Shad

Big Bass Man
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Thanks Gene!! All the great help right here on TU from some great guys has surely helped my bait paintings along the way. I always try to give back whenever I can!!

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That thing looks tasty! Nice blending.

Thanks Dan!! I hope this fish thinks that it looks Tasty to!! Lol The back changes from copper to green with certain hits of light.

Looks good Patrick. You've really got the photo over foil down.

Thanks Ben!! A Big Thanks to Husky and Gene or I would have not known where to start!! Just lots of practice and trying different types of foil under the pics. I switched over to the gift wrapping foil on the smooth finishes. It works great!! It makes it a lot easier to hide the seams with the thin foil.

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