Double Treat

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The A Rig has gotten me to tinkering with wire again and this is one of the things I came up with. My method of fishing is for the most part, a slow presentation keeping my lure close to or near the bottom bumping it or the structure down there as often as possible. I like to scratch the back of every piece of structure down there. Natuarally, I get hung up a lot. Always in the back of my mind when I build something new is this question. Is it going to hang/snag on everything it touches? I know that no lure is completley snag proof but with a little forethought on design, the chances that it will snag can be reduced somewhat. So I formed this one so that the hooks will stay near verticle even though they can kick up and swing side to side. I did not want snap swivels on this lure because they allow the hooks to lay over on their side or even turn upside down as it contacts structure. However, I did want to be able to change out the lures that are attached to this bait.

One of Dieter's post showed a coil lock that he made and it is just the ticket for allowing me to do this. Thanks Dieter for sharing that idea.

Also, the bottom arms of this lure are spread apart thus keeping the whole lure from rotating over on its side should it contact the bottom . There are lots of options for the trailers and or lures attached to this thing, flat eye jigs would work well also.

The head is made of lead and the lure weighed in at 1.33 ozs before being painted and dressed with the attached baits/lures.

I will call this thing,"Double Treat".

Not real sure which gallery to put this one in. But I will go with the Spinnerbait Gallery. Hope you enjoy.


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