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Green Snake!

Green Snake!

Another pine body Three wire "A" rig. I hope Tennessee is happy.


    Vic, you have been busy. Those look good. They look like they have been air brushed. I am looking forward to seeing/learning how you do this. The fading and blending are great. Hard to believe this was done with a brush. Congrats!!! Have a good day.
    Big Bass Man
    Nov 30 2011 07:13 AM
    Looks great Vic!! We officially now have snakeheads in TN!! Lol
    Nov 30 2011 11:18 AM
    Thanks John. I owe many thanks to Diemai for introducing me to Hans Nordin's work. This paint was done at the kitchen table with my one year old setting on my lap. Well that is a TN stretch but I did do it on the kitchen table with a brush and some cheap folk art acrylics from walmart. Beleive it or not.

    Thanks Patrick. I do a pretty mean snake head if I may say so myself. Not sure where the snake shapes are coming from. I hope to carve a minnow some day. LOL