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Square Back Minnow

18 Cavities and it laminates pretty good. Obviously some colors are better than others. This is salted melon on the back and a salted pearl belly. I shot it several times, and as long as my injectors were full and my plastic was the right temperature all but a couple looked like these.

This is a heavy salt plastic too. MF soft sinking and 2/3 cup Bear's fine salt per 3 cups plastic.


© December 2011


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This is an 18 cavity mold. I could have probably bumped it upto 20-22, but I have been working on more efficient layout designs for pins, and screws. Something easier and faster to layout before cutting.

Here is a picture of the mold:


I did have to shoot this with my big injector for single colors, but my dual injector worked fine for laminates::


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It is not a fluke. It has a square back, and a wider hook slot which makes it glide more with a slight twitch. even in the heavy salt formulas.

Yeah, I have a couple injectors I made myself that will pump about 9.9 ozs of plastic. One of the links I posted above is to a picture of the injectors.

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