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Tribute Lure

Big Bass Man
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This is a bait that I painted for a friend. One of his close friends died in a car wreck last week and he wanted the bait painted for a memory of his friend. Adam loved to fish, but he also loved to dove and duck hunt as well. The guy was a young 27 year old. Very sad too see him get killed this young. Hope he Rest In Piece!!

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Thanks guys!!

Nice tribute. Whats the pattern, Patrick? I can't really tell.

It is grass camo with tan center down the back and mallard green eyes. The guy I painted it for wanted something to do with hunting, since he loved both hunting and fishing so much.

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As a beginner all that I can say is.."WOW"!! And I hope that I can do work this nice someday.

Welcome to TU!! Thanks Jon!! It took me a while to get where I am at, on my lure painting. I have to thank all he guys here on TU that helped my painting skills along the way. Hang out on here as much as you can on TU and be sure to use the search feature. You will definately make it to the good work someday!! Good luck with your painting and be sure to have fun doing it. Now I have to head to the shop for more painting...

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