Cherry crank

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My very first crank finished in cherry swims and floats very nice. Just wanted to try posting something to see how it goes, Have a few more finished and will post any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Yessir. Nice job. Id like to see one with a black back and red flake belly with them yellow eyes. Bring the black down about the middle of the eye. Make the red a brilliant red with big flake. Dont tell me you cant because i see that you have bought all the paints that the store has! hahahahahaha. You using water based or laquer?

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thanks for the info guys using all water based with acrylic enamel top coat.Used my phone for the pic.I think I'll use an actual camera for the next ones.I have 4 i've finished and will try to post soon. Can't thank tu members enough for all the input and help! Now only if I could find a big enough hole in the ice up here to scratch this itch!

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