Tennessee Clatter Rig

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Built this one last night. It is a thru wired version in a balsa wood body. Built with .035 spring steel wire, and D2T. I drilled a 3/32 hole from nose to tail. To keep from damaging or splitting the soft balsa body when you spread the wires, I enlarged the tail hole to 1/8 in. and embedded a ½ in. long aluminum rivet in the tail of the bait. I enlarged the hole in the node to 13/64 inch. to accept an aluminum ferrule. The three wires are passed through the rivet and out through the nose of the bait. I then formed a tow eye and placed the blade on it. I secured the three wires to the blade and tow eye with a 1/16 inch aluminum ferrule. Swagging (not sure I spelled that right) the ferrule created some flashing and rough edges. After trimming and smoothing I slid the whole assembly back inside the bait and glued both ends with super glue. As an extra precaution, I also hardened the whole balsa wood body with super glue. The lure is sealed with a thick coat of D2T. Now, if I could just learn to paint LOL.

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