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My feeble attempt at painting a smallmouth.

    Big Bass Man
    Dec 18 2011 10:52 PM
    Looks great Clint!!
    Where's the azz-end of the bait? :) I wish all my "attempts" were that "feeble".
    Thanks bigbassman! I totally did it by accident. I started painting baby bass and ran my green shade to low on the side. So ive learned in the couple of weeks that ive been airbrushing that when you screw up just go with it. There isnt a good way to erase paint mistakes so i just keep plugging away. No pun intended. I have been wanting to try it anyway.
    Thanks salt. The azzend is wires. Its called an ARKANSAS RAZOR RIG! hahahahaha.
    Well hell Clint, I'd surely throw that thing! Never mind about the hindquarters, I got some real purty 5" minners to chase that thing around!
    North Ga Hillbilly
    Dec 19 2011 12:07 AM
    Really slick lookin, best lookin _______ rig ive seen
    Man thanks Hillbilly! That means a lot.

    Really slick lookin, best lookin _______ rig ive seen

    I have to agree with hillbilly. that is sharp.
    Thanks JBlaze
    See, Clint...I told ya they looked good. Betcha can't do it again...:)