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New Smallie Design



New Smallie Design

Made my own stencil and decided to make a small mouth design. This is my first attempt with this color/design, lmk what you guys think. I was thinking about using red eyes? i think i still need to enlarge the lines on the gill though.

    Dude those look great! Red eyes without a doubt. Dont mess with the gills, but i would give it some stronger lateral stripes on the head. I mean they look awesome, and im no guru. I just have a smallie mounted right in front of me at my desk, and was looking at her. They have really pronounced tiger striping on the head. They look freakin awesome though if you dont change a thing.
    Big Bass Man
    Dec 19 2011 06:40 AM
    Very nicely done!! I would go with the red eyes also.
    yeah those look great!

    are those the RC 1.5 blanks you can buy un-painted by any chance? If so how big are they actually? body length only? And how do they run?
    Nice pattern G. Seems Great minds think alike!
    i just bought them over the winter and havent had a chance to try it in mn weather. as far as lenght is, i want to say its about 2 inches? dont have a tape measure off hand but its pretty darn close to two inches.