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Vertical popper and pad mouse

Vertical popper and pad mouse

The popper hangs vertically in the water and thus can be worked "on the spot" , ...it's designed after the old "Shakespeare Baby Popper" issued during the 1930's . You can find more info about these lures in this thread :


greetz , diemai

    Big Bass Man
    Dec 19 2011 06:48 AM
    All of them look great Diemai!!
    mark poulson
    Dec 19 2011 10:38 AM
    They came out really great! You are an artist, too.
    That mouse is really terrific!
    Yeah, I really dig the rat.
    Thanks a lot , folks , .....as far as for the mouse , ....I first wanted to assemble a tail made from a piece of light brown rubber tubing , just to look more natural , ......but I have changed my mind towards this skirt , .....it just provides more attracting action !

    greetz , Dieter