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Bottom view/snug skirt

Bottom view/snug skirt

A bottom view of the "dead minnow" type pad walker , .......furnished a little indention to spit water forward . The "quick skirts" lay snug around the lurebody whilst casting , in conjunction with the ballast being located at the rear part of these lures , they make up for an excellent casting performance . greetz , diemai

    Braided Line
    Dec 19 2011 07:45 AM
    Your getting better.
    mark poulson
    Dec 19 2011 10:33 AM
    They both look really good.
    How much do they weigh?
    I'm asking because I considered trying something like those, but was afraid the big hook sitting so high would make the lures turn over and snag.
    Have you fished them yed?
    I am really disappointed in these baits!!!!!!!!!! I was lookin' forward to seein' metal skirts.


    Nice job, my German friend.
    Hi Dieter, those look good. I like the dead minnow job. I have made a few of those baits with the big hook turned up. I use a 5/0 spinnerbait hook. I can tell you one good thing about them. you can crash it into a brush pile and just keep on reeling most of the time. It usually does not hang up or snag.
    Thanks a lot , friends !

    Mark , they are all individually balanced to float up somewhat tail down . These 3/0 spinnerbait trailer hooks are not that heavy . Will make a bath tub video during the coming days and explain a little more there .
    Wont fish them before coming May , ....no pads anymore , all decayed , ......and closing time commences in 10 days , anyway .

    John , ....I know , .....I have made similar lures years ago , even threw one into a tree before , .....and I still have it !

    Stan , ....I guess that metal skirts might be rather counterproductive , LOL !

    Thanks again , folks , ...greetz, Dieter