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who says you have to stop at baits. Somebody come get my airbrush i feel a face tattoo comin on!

    Big Bass Man
    Dec 21 2011 07:39 PM
    Very cool idea Clint!! Did you clear with epoxy or automotive!!
    Sweet! What I want to know though what'll you clear the face tat with???
    If you're bored...my yard could use a mowin'.
    And to think it was only a couple weeks ago you were wondering if you should buy an airbrush. Not to worry. I'll sign you up for the 12 step program as soon as somebody comes up with one for lure builders.

    Ha thanks guys! I didnt clear them at all. I took some polytranspar sailfish blue and of course taped off the lenses and the rubber and shot it with sailfish blue laquer. I was freakin amazed at how well they turned out. I'll have the only pair of these i guarantee!