Trying For Pearl Ayu

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Balsa wood, painted with acrylics and a brush. Was trying for a pearl ayu like LC has. Will try again.


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Mark, No, it is not through wired. In the past, I have always used the haywire twist. I have never had one pull out of a crank bait, but after reading some of the posts on the barrel twists. I am starting to use it. The rear hanger is 1and 1/8 inch long. I have an air brush and have not used it since my Grandson was born about 3½ years ago. Nor have I made any crankbaits during that length of time until recently, I was working on this style bait when he was born and just couldn't find time after that to play with these things. It caught me several bass and some good sized ones for this part of the country. I met littlerive (Vic) a few weeks ago and looking at some of his stuff got me started with acrylics using a brush. I am starting to like the looks of the abstract/impressionistic style of painting with a brush and hope to get better at it. It ain't as perfect as an air brush but then most things I have seen in nature have their unique flaws also. I'm not looking to catch the fisherman, just the fish. I believe the fish will identify with it.

Thanks for the compliment. John

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