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    My Kind of stuff, I like these. Very creative. Are these from an erie mold?
    No is from a Roundhead Mold.
    Sorry. Actually, I was still thinking about the Jig Bliekopfspinner. Is it form an old erie mold?
    Yes these are from a Erie Mold.
    Hubert , .......echt 'ne tolle Idee , so'ne Erie-Jigs als Bleikopf am Spinner zu verwenden , ....die drehen dann durch den niedrigen Schwerpunkt bestimmt nicht mit und verdrallen damit auch nicht die Schnur ! Sehr schön !

    Hubert , .......a real great idea utilizing such erie-jigs as leadheads on spinners ........due to their lower center of gravity these surely won't get to spin thus won't twist the line . Just beautiful !

    greetz , Dieter
    Exactly Dieter, there is no line twist.

    Thanks :yay:
    Yes, I agree completely with Dieter on this. A unique and novel idea. Good Job