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First crankbait ive painted.

    I would love to comment, but, I refuse to set my monitor on the floor and lay beside it to be able to see it. :)
    there is that better?
    That will git bit for sure! Very nice!
    Big Bass Man
    Dec 27 2011 07:56 PM
    Very nice for your first crankbait paint!! I bet it catches!!

    there is that better?

    Hey man, that is slick. :)
    Thanks guys. I accidentally came up with the color. If you put blue iridescent on black it gives it a grey look if its misted and a killer blue where the black is the darkest.
    That blue is definitely the tits, Clint.
    If thats a first, I sure look forward to seeing your paint jobs a year from now. No doubt about it, it will get hammered. Great job.

    Thanks John. I absolutely love airbrushing. I have wanted one all my life. Im 33 and just started about a month ago painting. Its a blast. I paint for hours just playing. I have a great wife who doesnt mind.