My Version of an "A" rig (Prototype)

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got board and wanted an "A" i made one. i also didnt want to have to buy a super heavy set up to trow it. so the front section is made of epoxy. I also feel that the front part should blend in so i just hit it with some flat black for now. the wire i wanted to blend in so i bought some craft wire that is wrapped in green thread so it should blend with the water well.

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Good stuff Jesse. I like your attention to detail. Im certain that the darker has its place, and you went the extra mile. I fish pretty clear water, slightly stained at times and so far our best producer has been chartreuse. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I like your bait.

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Try some of the tiniest flukes or reaction 3.5 skinny dippers. Awesome baits. Throw it out, let it sink, and slow roll it back in. Steady retrieve has produced my best fish. Caught a 5.8 largemouth, and a 3.1 smallmouth last week.

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