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Latest Bunch #5

Latest Bunch #5

My mutant dragonfly larva , .......another strange looking pike snack , .........bath tub tested in here :

greetz , diemai

    Dec 29 2011 01:04 PM
    I love your insect lure bodies, do you make them? where do you get them from?
    Dieter, that was awesome. Your lures have the smoothest action Thanks for sharing the video.
    Thanks a lot , folks !

    ......John , guess that you know that I always like experimenting on different shapes providing different swimming actions , everything else would surely get too boring to me , LOL !

    @ brucestacklebox

    The two large insect lure bodies are handcarved from abachewood , ......the very tiny grub and the small bug are also handcarved but made from PVC insulation material .

    Thanks again , Dieter