Crazy head shakers, suspending

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i used with both of them some chameleon metallic paints around the head area, depending in what angle you look at the baits its changes from purple pinkish color to light green. A truly yummy detail that i must incorporate with future lures

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I frequent this guys blog/website. If you watch his detailed videos, you can see his stencils are barely stencils and is mostly done artistically. Extremely talented young man.

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Thanks. Do you sell stencils?

nope clint i don't sell em, there is really no point to buy any ether in my opinion, its extremely easy to do then your self too heh i really would feel bad if i would ever sell those knowing how easy it is to make them. all you need a is a small carpet knife, plastic or paper sheet and some imagination while designing the stencil patters, its just that easy.

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